What is Soaring Upwards?

“Soaring Upwards” is the tagline for Malaysia’s Ministry of Higher Education.

The tagline is used to portray Malaysia’s higher education landscape that is progressively improving, while at the same time, it acknowledges that continuous efforts are needed to propel the nation’s higher education to the next level.

The phrase Soaring Upwards came to life because in recent years there have been many success stories and achievements within Malaysia’s higher education landscape that members of the public are not aware of. Thus, the tagline is meant to be a rallying point for all higher education stakeholders and a trigger for members of the public. In this regard, when someone says ‘Soaring Upwards’, many will understand that this refers to an achievement, a success or something to be proud of.

Soaring Upwards also seeks to acknowledge the hardwork and efforts of higher learning institutions (HLIs), which include public and private universities, colleges, polytechnics, as well as community colleges, as well as their researchers, lecturers and students, who have contributed to Malaysia’s improving position in the global higher education map.