Visa Approval Letter (VAL)

As of 1st April 2016, International students have  to apply online for their Visa Approval Letter (VAL) through Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) . It advisable student to apply VAL  minimum 6 weeks before your registration date.

International students who wish to study full-time at any educational institution in Malaysia must apply for a Student Pass. This is a requirement of Regulation 13 of the Immigration Regulations 1963.

  • International students MUST apply and obtain the approval to study in Malaysia before entering Malaysia
  • Conversion of an existing Social Pass (Tourist Visa) to Student Visa is strictly not allowed

As an international student studying in Malaysia you will be granted a student pass and visa for a year (or part of a year), depending on the country which issues your passport. You are personally responsible for the timely submission of the documents to obtain your student visa.

All new application for Visa applications is managed by Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) prior of submission to Malaysia Immigration Department.


How Long does it takes for Student Pass Sticker Endorsement for new student? 

It should take MINIMUM 21 working days (or minimum 4 weeks)  upon receipt of a complete document and payment. The student pass application must get Supporting Letter from EMGS prior submit to Immigration Department. Since the student pass is issued by the Immigration Department, the 21 working days is at the discretion of the Immigration Department (sometimes can be more). Thus,  student must remains in Malaysia for a minimum 4 weeks after registration for student pass sticker endorsement.  You are advised not to make any travel arrangements outside Malaysia during this period.
If student exit Malaysia (for any reason) after registration without complete the student pass endorsement, your VAL and SEV will be VOID. You have to re-apply again new VAL and do the same process if you required to obtain for student pass in future.

What’s the difference between VAL and SEV?
 The Visa Approval Letter (VAL) is approval letter from the Immigration Malaysia allowing you to study in Malaysia. Student must apply online VAL at 
Single Entry Visa (SEV) is a stamp/sticker in your passport issued by the Malaysian Embassy in your home country after you submit your VAL for travelling to Malaysia. SEV can only apply after you have received your Visa Approval Letter.  After applying SEV, it valid for 3 month for travelling to Malaysia. Student have to plan to travel to Malaysia with in registration period (i.e 1-2 days before registration)

VAL Validity [HERE]

More FAQ on VISA  [HERE]



  • DO NOT PURCHASE YOUR FLIGHT TICKET  until you have obtained the VAL & SEV approval.
  • Student is advised to travel to Malaysia WITHIN the period of the registration date (as i.e 1 or 2 days before reception date). The Special Pass is given for 30 days only after entering Malaysia.
  • International Students will not be allowed to register with the University if you don’t have VAL and SEV.
  • Students who have entered Malaysia using Social  Pass MUST return to their home country and apply for Single Entry Visa (SEV) at the Malaysian Representative Office.
  • Students changing from another institution/university WITHIN Malaysia, please contact / for variation/progression visa procedures or visit [HERE] for updates on variation/progression. Students transfer from other institution MUST get VAL approval before be allowed to register in UTM
  • Accommodation can only be provided to you from the date of reception. Email to for details
  • Married students MUST enter Malaysia as a single traveler. Dependent pass can only be applied after a student’s pass is issued. Please contact / for inquiries.


    International students are strongly advised NOT to enter Malaysia before the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) is approved by Malaysia Immigration Department


a. Postponing Your Registration
Please take note, it could take four to eight weeks for Malaysian Immigration to approve your Visa application. If you don’t obtain approval in time to begin your studies, you should postpone them to the following semester.

b. Overstay
Overstaying is an offense in Malaysian Law. Immigration Department will impose a penalty ranging from RM1,000 – RM10,000 depending on the duration of your overstay and/or a jail term up to 5 years. You may be blacklisted and deported back to your home country. You can be prohibited to enter Malaysia for a period of time.  UTM will also impose a daily penalty charge for overstayed students. Please renew your student pass 90 days (3 month)  before expiry.

c.  Insurance
It is compulsory for student to have a valid insurance policy throughout his/her stay in Malaysia. Stay protected all round the clock wherever you are. It is imperative that you monitor the expiry date of your Student Insurance Policy to ensure you are always covered. UTM will advised your insurance on your new application/ renewal.

d. International Student Society
Currently UTM we have 13 International Student Society (ISS) will assist International student on their arrival at UTM [HERE]