Employment For Foreign Students

Student is permitted to work on a TEMPORARY BASIS ONLY with 20 hours working period per week during semester break.

According to Immigration Department of Malaysia, foreign students can be employed at:
  • petrol stations
  • restaurants
  • mini markets
  • hotels
Application to be submitted by the institution’s representative together with the student to Immigration Headquarters for Private Institute of Higher Learning. Application from student of Public Institute of Higher Learning can be submitted to the state Immigration offices.
Supporting letter from the institution (Public/Private Institute of Higher Learning) allowing the student to take up employment, and stating the semester holidays.
Permission to work will be endorsed in student’s passport.
The institution (Public/Private) will have to furnish the name list of students that are working and student’s performance report to Immigration Department every 3 months.
Employment as cashier is not allowed.
Permission to work will be renewed/extended if good/high academic performance of the student is maintained.
For further information, please visit Immigration Department of Malaysia’s official website.