Frequently Ask Question (F.A.Q)
Q: What documents are required in order to apply new student pass or dependant, extension of student pass or dependant?
A: Please refer to ISC website http://web.utm.my/international-sudents/ or you can refer to ISC notice board.
Q: Can I use the Visit/Social Pass without applying for a student pass?
A: All international students (except Diplomatic pass holders, Malaysian Permanent Residents (P.R)) are required to have a student pass while studying at UTM.
Q: Can I send application for renewal of student pass or dependant pass 1 month before the expiry date?
A: No. Kindly submit all the required documents 2 MONTH (60working days) before expiry date and submit your passport (include dependant if any) 14 working days before the student/dependant pass expiry date.
Q: I would like to send a passport and will return to hometown. Can I book air ticket before my passport ready?
A: Students are not allowed to purchase any flight ticket before obtaining your student pass/passport from ISC to avoid any problem arises afterwards.
Q: My friend passport has been completed. Can I take the Passport on behalf of my friend?
A: Yes, but your friend must send the authorization letter to Executive Officer, rafidahalwi@utm.my
Q: I have graduated in UTM and want to return to my hometown but at the same time my student pass has expired. How my problem can be solved and how much I have to bear?
A: All penalties imposed by the Malaysian immigration department in the event of late extension or expiry of student pass are to be borne by the student and all the payment must be made through UTM bursar. The total amount is based on how long students overstayed which is minimum RM1100 and maximum is RM3100. After that, students are required to go to the immigration office to take statement by immigration officer. Lastly, immigration will issue a special pass (go back to origin country) within 7 or 14 working days.
Q: I have graduated in master. My student pass will expire in October next. At the same time I’m waiting for PhD offer letter. Can I stay in Malaysia until I get an acceptance letter?
A: No! According to Malaysian immigration regulations, any students who already graduated, their student passes must be cancelled and they must be returned to the origin country. If the student already got admission, students are required to apply a V.D.R before entering Malaysia.
Q: When I should renew the Student/ Dependant Pass?
A : You should renew 2 months before the expiry of your Student/Dependant Pass
Q: Can I obtain the Student Pass without the VDR Letter?
A: No, student must apply VDR Letter for obtain the Student Pass due to Regulation of Immigration of Malaysia
Q: Can I bring my wife, children’s and parents/brother/sister to apply Dependant Pass?
A: You can apply only either for your wife and children’s OR parents OR brother and sister
Q: Can I get my refund of deposit for Personal Bond without cancelling my Student Pass?
A: No, as the act of Immigration Of Regulation, 1963, student must cancel the Student Pass and if not the refund will be forfeited
Q: Can I travel within Malaysia by flight if my passport still in the process for Student Pass?
A: No, student must have the original passport to travel within Malaysia
Q: I want to bring my family. Who can I apply for Dependant Pass?
A: You can apply Dependant Pass only per as following:
i) Wife/husband with children or
ii) Mother/father or
iii) Brother/sister or
iv) Husband & mother
Q: My wife is pregnant and will deliver soon. My Mother In Law is already in Malaysia to take care of my wife. Therefore, I want to apply Dependant pass for my Mother In Law.
A: No, you are not allowed to apply Dependant Pass for In Laws Family according to the rules of Malaysia Immigration Department (MID). However, if your wife is student, your Mother In Law may apply Dependant Pass under your wife.