Cancellation / Transfer of Student Pass


  1. Student have a new passport, but the student pass/ dependent pass  is still valid in the previous passport.
  2.  Change or losses/damage the passport must apply for transferring the current pass to the new passport.


  1. Student/Dependent may denied to exit from Malaysia if the valid visa is not transfer to new passport
  2. If student change passport at home country, please submit for transfer pass before your special pass expired/ as soon as possible. Cancellation/ Transfer will take 2 weeks for passport collection


Q: I had renew my passport at home country. The student pass still valid at old passport. Can I enter Malaysia?
A: Upon arrival at Malaysia, please show to the Immigration Officer your student pass at old passport. The immigration will give a Special Pass for 14-30 days. Please submit your passport for transfer endorsement to new passport at UTM International Office within 3 days of arrival.

Q: My  passport is expiring less in 1 year and will renew my passport. How about my current student pass in old passport?
A: If you are in Malaysia, you please renew your passport at your embassy. Then  apply for a transfer of endorsement (i.e., transferring the student pass sticker from your old passport to the new passport). Please submit both passport (Old & new) for transfer the sticker endorsement.



1. Graduate/ Completion of Studies from UTM

Students who have completed their studies must cancel their student pass and their dependent pass. UTM International give instruction to  the Immigration Department of Malaysia to cancel your student pass and make a police report if student fails to cancel his pass upon graduation.

2. Deferment of Studies

A student who defers from studies must get approval from University and must cancel a student pass and dependent pass (if any).

3. Withdrawal or Termination from studies

A student who withdraws from his/her study must inform UTM International  before leaving Malaysia. The student pass and the dependent pass will be cancelled, upon submission of passport, withdrawal letter from faculty, and confirmed flight ticket.

4.  Change Programme or Change University  
a. A Student who have accepted admission offer letter from other institution must cancel UTM student pass.
b. A student who had change a programme within UTM also required to cancel current student pass and apply variation to new programme.


Important Note:

  • UTM International will lodge a police report on those who fail to comply with regulations and will request the Immigration Department  to cancel your student pass.
  •  Student  who have completed their study/graduate/terminate  or  defer from study cannot apply for renewal f pass.
  • Applicant who wants to change the pass from dependent/ employment pass to student pass required to apply for cancellation of the current pass.
  • Cancellation/ Transfer will take 2 weeks for passport collection


Leaving Malaysia without  cancelling your student pass will result in the forfeiture of your Personal Bond deposit by Immigration Malaysia and can cause consequences if student decides to apply to another University within Malaysia/ to apply another visa in Malaysia.



Check-out memo is  issue by Immigration Department for student who had enter Malaysia using VAL, however decided not to proceed registration / medical check-up failed/ personal reason. Please proceed to UTM International for check-out memo application. It will take 10 working days to complete.

Note: Student may deny to exit Malaysia by Immigration if you enter country using VAL, however not complete the pass endorsement. 


a. Student Pass Cancellation

After graduation (or withdrawal from studies), leaving Malaysia without  cancelling your student pass will result in the forfeiture of your Personal Bond deposit by Immigration Malaysia and can cause consequences if student decides to apply to another University or progression within Malaysia.

b. Overstay

Overstaying is an offense in Malaysian Law. Immigration Department will impose a penalty ranging from RM1,000 – RM5,000 depending on the duration of your overstay. You may be blacklisted and deported back to your home country. You can be prohibited to enter Malaysia for a period of time. You may even be imprisoned. UTM will also impose a daily penalty charge for overstayed students. Please renew your pass 60 days before expiry.